M8 MUSIC MANAGEMENT is an artiste management company with a reputation for supporting emerging talents and a history of working with gifted, underprivileged acts. We have carved a niche as an artiste-friendly company whose main focus is always on providing quality musicians with a platform to develop their careers and to assist them in reaching a larger audience locally and internationally.

 Our approach to every artiste we work with is to offer a broad representation service which covers each element of the artist’s recording and performing career including executive production of the recording process, negotiation and development of relationships with record labels, digital distributors, publishing companies, booking agents and brands who seek artistes for endorsement.

Our central aim with the artistes we work with is to ensure that their music and performance receives a high level of exposure to the audience we feel they need to reach. While we do run a core roster of key acts as a management company, our business does also on occasion provide services for artists on a project by project basis.


M8 MUSIC MANAGEMENT provides the following services in the following key areas within the entertainment industry: 

1. Planning and coordinating artistes’ careers.
2. Development of commercial relationships and management of contract negotiations with:
·         Record Companies
·         Digital Distributors
·         Publishing Companies
·         Booking Agencies
·         Advertising Agencies
·         Brands
3. Artiste profile development.
4. Financial consultancy and management. 
5. Show bookings and tours management, including:
·         Tour planning and logistics for small to large groups.
·         Tour budgeting and financial coordination.
·      Development and management of advertising and promotional campaigns in respect of commercial single and album releases.
6. Planning and implementation of PR & Publicity campaigns. 
7. Overall business affairs & accountancy advice for anyone working in the Music Industry. 


Our mission is first to discover hidden talents and then to develop the careers of top-quality artistes by providing the highest level of management service we can for them with the common aim of achieving a consistent and consummate level of professionalism and success.


There are 3 ways an artiste can come on board the M8 MUSIC MANAGEMENT Platform as follows:


M8 MUSIC MANAGEMENT provides 1 Year Full Management for a SIGN-ON FEE of N250,000. The FEE gives the artiste 1 Year Full Management Coverage + Recording of 2 Songs + Maximum Promo on all our platforms.

Alternately, there's a SIGN-ON FEE of N150,000The FEE gives the artiste 6 Months Full Management Coverage + Recording of 1 Song + Maximum Promo on all our platforms.

There's also a SIGN-ON FEE of N100,000This package gives the artiste 3 Months Management Coverage + Maximum Promo on all our platforms.

See full details of signing up, other benefits and how to sign up HERE


M8 ARTISTES NETWORK is Naija's 1st and biggest Network of Young, Exceptionally Gifted Music Artistes. It is conceived as a network that pulls together quality, outstanding talents in music who require professional management and representation but cannot afford it. 

The network thus provides registered members with a management-like networking environment that exposes you to shows, events and mingling with other artistes. This also allows the artistes’ to take advantage of our career guidance, artiste branding and artiste promo opportunities. Eventually, very outstanding artistes will be selected for full management sign up by M8 MUSIC MANAGEMENT.

Registration into the network requires just a one-time fee of N30,000 plus a Yearly Membership Renewal of just N5,000.

See full details of the network, benefits and how to sign up HERE


We have developed 5 different Promo & Hype Packages to serve different levels of artistes/clients. Broken down into PlatinumGoldSilverBronze and Bonanza, each of these promo package contains details of the extent we will go to hype the artiste. So, invariably, what we do for you as an artiste depends on the Hype Package you subscribe to. The promo package is for 2 months.

See details of the different packages HERE

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